Eat True

Our mantra, means we strive to provide the best quality in everything we do.
On our quest to provide the best goods we decided to use organic freshly milled wheat in place of store bought bleached flour. We mill wheat berries freshly every day in house to use in all of our baked goods that you love so much.

Our Story

In 2017 Colleen Hall had an idea that seemed strange at the time. She came from a large
family that celebrated every holiday with amazing home cooked food. In the winter of 2017, she looked around at all the restaurants and bakeries in Augusta, Ga and noticed one was missing, a really good place to get handmade pies. Colleen had spent 25 years in the medical field caring for cancer patients, and decided that she could care for her community in a different way! The Pie Hole was born. She recruited family and friends, from classically trained professional chefs, catering experts who have worked with the likes of Nike executives, and any other people who were willing to help make her dream a

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Our Homemade Story Continues

On one cold Saturday morning in the spring of 2017, she showed up at the Augusta Farmers market ready to see how she and her pies would be received. Needless to say, she sold out! From that morning on out she worked arduous Friday nights till three in the morning to be ready for every 7am farmers market. After a year and a half, Colleen had built a reputable brand and decided it was time for the big leagues, a brick and mortar bakery where she could sell her goods every day of the week. On August 4th 2018 she and her employees, aptly named the Pie Crew, opened the Pie Hole to the public. Over 2 years later and you can find the Pie Crew slinging delicious handmade pies, breads, and other sweets 5 days a week.

Every good that leaves our kitchen is made with the best local ingredients that we can get our hands on. All of her success she owes to hard work and those who helped her along the way, which includes each and every one of you!!! So, thank you to every pie taster, instagram follower, and 5 star review writer, we would not be here without you!